A quick word about how we started

I love food, I love cooking and I love seeing the people who grow, produce, prepare and sell food prosper from their labours.

About 7 years ago we would make the weekly trip to the super market and fill our trolley with ‘food’ without giving much thought to where it came from or who produced it or what went onto it and each month we would have a big fridge clear out and get rid of anything that no longer looked edible.

At about the same time my soon to be amazing wife suggested that we should start an allotment garden, this lead us to meet some colourful and varied people. In the course of the next 2 years our perceptions of what good food is changed out of site, we started to wonder about our food, we wanted to be connected to it, know where it came from, who produced it and how it was made and we wanted to stop wasting it. When you bust your guts growing food, throwing it out is somewhat harder .

In 2009 we set ourselves a challenge, we would avoid super markets for a whole 12 months, we would seek out local markets, we would reconnect with the local butcher, baker and green grocer and we would stop wasting food, the goal was to have an empty fridge at the end of the week. This wasn’t an easy task, the relentless march of the super markets has virtually destroyed independent shops and producers and we had to re think how we shopped.

So the seed of an idea was sown, how we could connect people with the great food that was available right on their door step. Out of this idea Fantastic Local Food has grown, it’s taken a while to bring it to fruition as so many of my friends will testify.

I hope that you like what we have done with the site and please feel free to tell all of your friends about us, we would hate to be your best kept secret.